// Fishing Rental Tools

  • Recovery
  • Cutting & Milling
  • Fishing Jars & Impact Tools
  • Cleaning



// Down Hole Tools

  • Underreamers & Hole Opener
  • Drilling Jar
  • Stabilizer
  • Tubular



// Directional Drilling

  • Survey Equipment
  • Directional & Performance Motors
  • Non Magnetic
  • Down Hole Equipment



// Specific Interventions
& Other Equipment

  • Well Head Replacement
  • Well Head Equipment
  • Custom Made Design
  • And more...



A company born in 2013,

Built by experienced people and which is specialized in the supply of oilfield services and downhole equipment for oil & gas and other similar industries.
we provide solutions combining technology, experience and expertise in services such as  Fishing, directional drilling, surveying, down hole equipment, Jarring services, etc…

>>>Do you need a Service Man, for performing , supervising operations ?
We propose Engineers, Supervisors, Crews, working on 12 hours crew changes or 4 week rotation schedule, Expertise and Formation